“A star is born” is not the chosen cliché to describe this singer/songwriter, but the actual words written on 
the invites to her christening – heavy words for a child just days old. Born Maria Emmanuelle Grace 
Bossman-Damiba in London, Ria Boss sprouted her wings through childhood in Ghana, and finally found 
flight at the age of 18 in New York City.
Living with her grandmother for the majority of her formative years, she witnessed her mother’s growth and 
determination to success on the side lines. Motivated by the strong will of her mother and the everlasting 
love and support of her grandmother, Ria Boss is the foundation of her humble beginnings.

Piano lessons, choir, ballet, tap, and more—she was opened to a world of endless possibilities through the 
world of art since a young child. Molded by the situations she was placed in, (and sometimes placed herself 
in), the music remained the constant therapy and source of expression.

 The two most important women in 
her life surrounded her with the sounds that would soon be the makings of the musician.
Boss met her big dreams in the Big Apple disguised as college in 2008. As a well-cultured child, she met no 
culture shock, but instead, found the first destination on her journey. “Ghana is home, but New York is what 
I’m made of,” said the young rising talent.
Aligned with the extraordinarily talented sounds of her band, Maria Bossman—a Ghanaian-Burkinabe 
momma’s girl— is confident in their constant progression. With Etta, Nina, Sade, Masakela, Kuti, Scott, Arie, 
Hendrix, Lennon, Prince, Whitney, Ocean, and Adele as influences, they project hippie-life, highlife, afrobeats 
and the djembe effortlessly. Together, they create the warped sounds of nature, soul, melody, and intimate
words to sculpt their musical world. Ria’s voice has been compared to the likes of John Legend, Tracy 
Chapman and Teedra Moses. No matter singer or songwriter, she’s always Boss.

Photographer: Curtis Bryant
Musician: Ria Boss